Joy: Reflections on Christmas

Mission 98 brings joy to our communities, believing that the Gospel must be wrapped in joy to be attractive and inviting to a lonely, hurting world. Although we are committed to this year round, Christmas is a special time to demonstrate just how extravagant, kind and fun Jesus is.

Over 200 gifts were given to children at our parties. At one location the children were treated to donkey rides as well (Now if that isn't fun, I don't know what is!). Because of the generosity of Samaritan's Purse, Mission 98 receives items that cannot be sent overseas and must be removed from the shoe boxes. We invite residents to select from these "left overs" items they can use to fill Christmas stockings for their children and grandchildren.I love watching the excitement as they sort through, saying, "Avery will love this" or "This is perfect for Ethan."  Along with these gifts, residents receive bags filled to the brim with groceries to help them celebrate the season.  

Because of the generosity of those who donated gifts and those who donated money for us to purchase gifts, we also were able to do a little something extra for four of our children. We knew that in years past they had not received any Christmas presents on Christmas morning. Thankfully we don't have many children in such a situation, so we were able to intervene in this one. We gave gifts to their next door neighbor who then delivered them Christmas morning.  

Mission 98 brings joy that serves as an invitation to the Source of All true Joy, Jesus. Mission 98 sometimes wraps the Gospel in glittery paper with a great big, extravagant bow on top!