Why does Mission 98 do what it does?

Because it changes lives.

“I was on the wrong path, smoking things I shouldn’t have been smoking and drinking things I shouldn’t have been drinking. I knew I was going in the wrong direction fast. Then two of my new friends at the apartment where we had just moved invited me to their church.”  

This was the beginning of one of the testimonials given at the first fundraising breakfast for Mission 98. The church? Our apartment church at the location where he lives.  

He then talked about doing Bible studies with us, attending teen activities and what was the most life-changing of all for him, going me on a mission trip to build a house in Tijuana.

Roger was being raised by a wonderful father, single because Roger’s mother had died when he was in grade school. When we met him he had just moved to Denver, and while his father worked evenings and long hours he was on his own.  

The church provided not only a safe place for him but a life-changing community that introduced him to Jesus and to the truth of His Word.  

Roger, now a college freshman, closed with his favorite verse,  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”